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Dual Tip Metallic Chalk Markers

Get creative, erase and do it all over again with these vibrant color, no dust non-toxic and washable chalkboard crayons. Draw colorful art and wipe away with damp wash cloth or rinse in the sink....

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Out of stock


This set of 12 chalk markers are bright, metallic and with both a brush tip and a fine tip side. Non-toxic, no smell. Wipes off with a wipe or cleaning spray and washcloth. Colors include: Red, pink, orange, gold, lime, aqua, teal, blue, purple, silver, dark grey, and copper. Works with Imagination Starters Chalkboard mats.

Best used with older kids and adults as these markers go on wet and need a moment to dry before they can be touched.

Do not use on “real” chalkboards, slate or chalkboard paint.





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