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Heist! Team Challenge Game by University Games

11 in stock



11 in stock

HEIST – One Team, One Mission
Get the $50 million! Can you and your team pull of the heist of the century in five minutes or less?
Choose your role: Select the Explosives Expert, Hacker, Money Man, or Lookout.
Follow the commands: Think fast and watch out – three false moves trip the alarm!
Complete the mission: Congratulations, you have opened up the safe and won $50 million. Time to level up!
​Five progressive game levels, plus a bonus level!
2-4 players
Ages 7+


  • Electronic Safe*

  • 12 Plastic Gold Bars

  • $50 Million in Play Money

  • 8 Tools (Goggles, Drill, Laptop, Map, Flashlight, Headset, Explosives, and Gloves)

  • Instructions

3 AA batteries not included


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