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Adult Paint by Sticker book

Paint by Sticker, the latest rage in activity books.  Create gorgeous illustrations of felines in the new “low-poly” (geometric, polygon shapes) style, one sticker at a time.  It’s better...

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The Paint by Sticker series has become hugely popular among adult activity books, and it’s no wonder. Instead of using colored pencils or paints, you match pre-colored stickers to their specific place in the art, resulting in a striking mosaic tile effect on a removable mini poster (about 9 x 12½ inches). The books here each offer a dozen subjects that work particularly well for the medium, so have fun, and don’t forget your tweezers!

These books are great for all ages, but recommended for those 10+.


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Masterpieces, Music Icons, Travel, Cats, Birds, Original, Dogs


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