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Get Your Sip On!


Here is the scoop on how!

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Why is it worth your Thursday night?

  • See the NEW 1st!
  • See the Best of the Best without leaving your home!
  • Everything you find is on a discount!
  • We always make our shoppers laugh!!

How do you shop?

  • Simply type in comments during the show what you want or any questions you have.
  • You can add these comments at any time during the show.  We do not need to still be showing the item.
  • You can request in comments items you see around us, or just things you wonder if we have and we will try our best to bring them on the show that night as well.

What are the perks to shopping the Sip & Shops?

  • Up to 20-50% off regular price on items.
  • We offer BONUS BUYS (no additional discount)
    • these are hugely discounted items: maybe because of a dented box, maybe we received too many, maybe just because we want to 
  • We offer SURPRISE BAGS (no additional discount)
    • these are bags that you know the theme of the contents but you do not know what is actually in the bag
    • always $70-80 value and we sell them for $40

How do you pay for & get your goodies?

    • After the show you call us at 815-777-1999 to give us your cc information for your purchase.
    • We can then:
      • 1. Keep your cc on file (encrypted) for easy future shopping. 
      • 2. You can give us your cc for a one time use.
    • 1. We can ship your purchase to you for a flat $8 shipping rate.
    • 2. You can pick up your purchase at your convenience. 
    • 3. We can hold your items and you can add on future Sip & Shop goodies.  And we will ship when you tell us to do so in the future.

How to make future Sip & Shops the EASIEST!

  • Tell us to keep your cc on file and always charge you after the show
  • Tell us to always:
    • 1. hold for pick up 
    • 2. ship to you 
    • 3. hold until shipping requested (we have no problems holding it for 2-3 weeks to save you on shipping)

Happy Shopping!!


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