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Our Story

Customers love to ask us where the name Poopsie’s came from and it’s one of our favorite stories to tell. It’s a story of a grandma who loved all her grandkids but couldn’t always remember their names due to Alzheimer’s. “Poopsie” became the nickname she gave to those she loved but whose names weren’t always in her memory. To us, YOU are a Poopsie. 
Poopsie’s has gone through many changes over the years. We’ve had three locations, two sets of owners, but always one mission. Create Joy through Service. We are committed to bringing you quality products and connecting with you on a personal level. To us, YOU are a Poopsie. 
When you enter our store, we want you to feel welcomed and a bit wonderstruck. We fill our  4,000 square feet with items you and everyone else will love. Our unique selection of toys, games, art, books and novelties will make you feel good while you do good. Shopping at Poopsie’s not only supports a woman-owned business, but also local and world-wide do-good initiatives. We intentionally source many socially conscious product lines and a percentage of the Poopsie’s yearly profits are donated to a local organization in need. To us, EVERYONE is a Poopsie. 
Our Poopettes work hard to make shopping with us a joyful experience. Enjoy your time in the store. Make memories with your own Poopsies. Find something you love and something to share. It’s a fun store with an even funnier name. We are POOPSIE’S. 
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