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Reign of Dragoness

Reign of Dragoness is a twist on the time-honored ladder climbing card games. Use your dragons wisely to play your cards in sets and runs, trying to beat the cards played before you. The battle to...

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6 in stock


Deep in the magical and mysterious past reigned the Dragoness, queen of all dragons and commander of the Dragon Knights, her trusted attendants. Every summer solstice, dragons from across the realms gathered for a grand tournament, where clans would test their strength and compete for glory. Relive those enchanted days when dragon, knight, squire, and page together celebrated the Reign of Dragoness.

Celebrate the Reign of Dragoness by being the first to play all thirteen cards in you hand. Each player must both match the pattern set and raise the value of the cards until every player but one drops out of the challenge. The winner of each challenge sets the pattern for the next, and play continues until one player’s hand is empty. Players collect points for playing all their cards first, and the player with the most points at the end of the game is dubbed Grand Champion of the Dragoness!

As with all of Grandpa Beck’s Games, Reign of Dragoness includes a set of advanced options for you to extend the table life of your new game. When Dragon Hoards are introduced, your strategy will have to adapt. Have fun and good luck as you compete for power.

Recommended for 3-8 players ages 8+. Game time 20-40 minutes.





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